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The Codroy Valley is located in the Southwestern corner of the island of Newfoundland. It is a glacial valley formed in the Anguille Mountains, a sub-range of the Long Range Mountains which run along Newfoundlandís West Coast. It faces the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The Codroy Valley is a region steeped in history. From the early days of Acadian & Scottish settlement, this area has provided a fertile land, not only for agriculture, but for music, heritage, culture and community. The valley has the earliest recorded evidence of settlement on the West Coast of Newfoundland and soon became a blend of cultures, from French & Miqmaq to Gaelic and English. These influences are still alive today, evident in the names of the people who call the valley home.

With a combined population of 2,200 inhabitants, thereís plenty of room to move around. The entire valley is framed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Long Range and Anguille Mountains (natural extensions of the Appalachian Mountain Range). Land and sea is a way of life here, and itís all yourís to explore.